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2017-09-08 i-voting hack brainstorming

On Friday Sep 8th from 18:00 we will discuss next generation source code for Estonian e-voting software.

The code was published on GitHub Sep 5th, which leaves us exactly a month to check it out, test it and hack it. To give this new national sports of hacking e-voting a good kickoff we have a) invited coders behind the system to introduce the code to us and we will host b) a brainstorming session on what interesting hacks we can come up with. Let's see where it goes!

Everybody is welcome, however some tehcnical knowledge about software and coding will help a lot to make the event meaningful for you.

The source code:

* https://github.com/vvk-ehk/ivxv

Tehcnical specs:

* https://www.valimised.ee/en/internet-voting/documents-about-internet-voting

Even more specs in Estonian:

* https://www.valimised.ee/et/e-h%C3%A4%C3%A4letamine/dokumendid

You will find Tartu Hackerspace at Narva mnt 101 room 205 (second floor). It's a historic wooden building right from the Saint George church (in pink colour) and located close to Ujula Konsum shopping center (right across a roundabout), check https://osm.org/go/0w8AQ9XsM?m=&way=248625068 for exact location.

Facebook event for those who like to share their personal information with NSA:

* https://www.facebook.com/events/1774150002883146/

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